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  about: "Michael Staats", Frame Collector, Biologyst and Pro Audio Engineer?

You may think "and who is the photographer"? I'm not sure whether there is one in me. I can say there must be someone else in me. I like to gather the pictures, to sort, develope, then host or delete them. But photography isn't my profession. It is a relatively cheap hobby and i can not spend much time with it. But I like it. I would spend mor time if i could. But there is a more expensive hobby (beside my family) its all around CADAC mixing consoles and for that hobby(ies) i need more time.

in the past offered a creative technology aspect which was in my reach to be discovered. My first camera was a Hanimex 16mm "ritsch-ratsch-click", a 14th bithday present from mum, my second was a first SLR, a second Hand Minolta XG9 model, and between school and university 1982 I bought a new Nikon FE (which costs a fortune and i still use it for b+w films from time to time). The old chemical developement procedures and labortory equipment where cheap and and i could effort that. However photography and printing where my first trials and errors using a technology to create somthing, ... before i build my first loudspeakers.
But building and selling loudspeakers, not photography, gave me the opportunity to finance parts of my expensive times at university .
It is really interesting how many pro audio engineers i met who are photographers or somehow related to pictures, so or so, making them and doing serious post production. It seems that such people in my professional environment started to use this hobby to compensate the leakages which pro audio caused converting more and more to be commercial audio. So there might be a loss of need of creative energy in business and an individuum compensates it with a hobby with high technical level?

However, for years i could not effort spending any time in photography. I started again some years ago; my wife was forcing me somehow. And my professional life gave me the idea to put some stuff onto an own website. Thats all (but I must learn some things about html).

I found out that all around photography changed a lot with this "digital age" In the mean time concerning the service for consumers. I had no space for an old style laboratory and (partly) changed to digital with a film scanner and digital slr's. And since then i am a bit concerned about my digital negatives and how to prevent them in case. And I am wondering that i am not concerned about my analoge negatives and slides...

A big advantage is the all arround better post production and individual technical quality of digital printing and the ease of digital displaying. Also, both printing and displaying digital, are in the my personal reach. So what changed is the environment: No more time in the stinking dark room to get what i want. I can not imagine to be in the cellar in rhe evening whilst my wife is in the living room upstairs.

I hope you have not wasted your time by visiting my website. Thanks for stopping by.

Last update: May 2007