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  Stock Photos Michael Staats


Nearly all digital images are processed from RAW shootings. I am importing/converting propritary RAW Formats directly into adobe's .dng file format which is my archive digital negative format as such. The reasons and advantages are countless. After that the necessary proccessing is applied using appropriate software. Images shot in .JPG are marked as such.

Scans I take normally from my positives or from reverse film with the resolution of 4000 ppi and 14 bit clour depth in TIFF format. Only from that format I do further processing.

Currently i am using the .jpg format for the distribution of imaging files. But hopefully i can change to JPG2000 in the near future when I see the 16 Bit on computer
screens and prints.

I opted for the moment for frame sets to realize this web sites. The disadvantage is that I must make the compromise to put all that stuff readable for a 1024x768 ppi screen resolution. As soon as I understand to build major css I would remake all that. But this takes time.