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  Stock Photos Michael Staats

  Somebody told me that a website should link with other websites so here are your goto Hyperlinks:

... heavy startups for (digital) the coming photographers:

Lens distortion correction from RAW by software: http://www.epaperpress.com

The mathematic of the deepth of field in optical relations (In former times such relation where printed onto the lense body...) Look to the help file:

Understanding and using Digital Camera RAW Files with Bruce Frazer:

... Interesting Photo websites in Germany with direct creative informations:


... for startup html editors:

Learning about HTML and CSS for Dummies like me: http://www.selfhtml.com

HTML and CSS Editor for Dummies like me: http://nvu.com

For people who like to know soemthing about sound and pro audio beside light beams occasionally causing photo frames to happen (our hearing system is some 200 times more sensitive in our environment compared to our eyes) here you goto:

Understanding the basic need for sound designs: http://harada-sound.com/ ... friend in sound design

A look to european sound designers: http://www.adigroup.net/ ... friends in sound design

Loving and knowing quiet famous or small manufacturers and solution providers:

... many freaks and colleagues in audio engineering

http://www.cadac-sound.com/ ... many more freaks and colleagues in audio engineering

and more freaks and colleagues in audio engineering

http://www.horchaudio.de/ ... even more freaks
in audio engineering

http://www.linkwitzlab.com/ ... with respect to

http://www.anselmgoertz.de/ ... ... with respect to

http://www.gae.de/ ... with respect to

http://www.studio-magazin.de/ ... with respect to

www.km-sound.lv/ ... with respect to

and for everybody. Because everbody nowerdays 
needs a total office-software-solution-package as a super-platfom-overcoming-front-end-user-interface, e.g. to write a postcard to the lover or to design a notice for the next kitchen shopping tour:

Office software usefull for writing, calculations, simulations, drawings, presentations: http://openoffice.org

alternatively please visit the following website (you can buy pen & paper) here: http://web2.cylex.de/firma-home/papier-_-bleistift--rolf-dieter-strobel-3019002.html

... for people specially interested in linear and non linear acoustics this book title: "fundamentals of physical acoustics" By David T. Bradstock, University of Texas Austin; ISBN 0-471-31979-L9000; A Wiley-Interscience publication by John Wiley&Sons Inc.

.. for people interested in Bridge literature to acoustics: "Master Handbook of Acoustics" By F.Alton Everest ISBN 0-07-136097-2, Mcgraw-Hill title of "turn science into art".

... for people who are beginners in electro acoustics: I have nothing for the moment. Everything seems too complex to describe it with two or three words (or books). But try to get in contact with me. I will find indivdual theme orientated literature for you.

Probably you are interested to share knowledge and informations in pro audio seminars which my friends and me offering via the platform "Managing Performing Arts Across Europe" (try an internet search on that). Please subscribe at www.theatre.lv/ to meet me and my friends live.